TOP 3 best sports betting strategies

We tell you about the best strategies that are presented in the world of sports betting.

Any bettor who has at least minimal experience in sports betting knows that to play effectively with bets, it is necessary to use at least one of the strategies. To date, there are a few dozen of them with varying degrees of efficiency and success. This material will talk about the most popular ones. After reading the material, each player will be able to choose a suitable strategy for themselves, or try different ones and choose the best one.

Betting Strategy – D’Alembert

This tactic came to the betting industry from the casino (roulette). Its essence lies in the fact that you need to make bets that are almost the same, changing them only by 1 unit in case of a loss or a win.

For example, you bet $10 and lose. Then you need to bet $11 on the next event. If you win, then bet $9. So each time we change the amount, depending on the last outcome.

The tactic is designed for systematization, it does not overlap costs, it is needed for a clear system of rates. Its disadvantage is that a large amount is required at the start. You may have to lower the amount by 1 unit 10 times in a row.

This is where forecasting is important. We can say that D’Alembert is just an addition to the experienced work of the better.

Betting Strategy – Catching up

A dangerous tactic for betters, but almost a win-win. It works like a Martingale, when you lose, you need to raise the stakes and keep opening them.

For the technique to work, it is necessary to select events with a coefficient higher than 2, otherwise, in case of a win, the money does not pay off. There are more than enough such offers on BC.

It is important not to choose too high odds, because it is unlikely that you will be able to win.

Try to stick to the indicator in 2-2.4. For example, you can start with $1. If you win, you get $2, and if you lose, you open another bet, but for $2. Then $4, $8, $16, and so on. The bottom line is that it will still work out to win, and in this case, the income will cover all expenses.With frequent losses, the amount of the bet grows rapidly, so you need to calculate your capital in advance so that it is enough to reach x16 or x32. For example, if you have $100, open the first bet on $1.

Just do not bet chaotically when you see a suitable coefficient. Also analyze, look for useful information, make the right decision. Every action must be considered.

Martingale method

This is one of the varieties of dogon. The essence of financial theory is to double the bet in case of loss. The minimum coefficient of the event is 2.0. If the cycle ends with a win, the user returns to the original amount.

An example of a Martingale game:

  • 100 – loss;
  • 200 – did not play;
  • 400 – win;
  • 100.
  • Anti Martingale

Based on the reverse algorithm. If you win, the bet is doubled. If you lose, it decreases by 2 times. The theory is designed to minimize losses during a losing streak. In addition, it is possible to increase the potential gain in the reverse situation.

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